Agaya DAO

Web3 for a better world


Our companies

Explore our diverse companies, which eventually will be formed as sub-DAOs, and learn about how we are driving innovation in the Web3 ecosystem.

Agaya DAO

A community of changemakers building a decentralized future

Agaya Labs

A blockchain tech company providing Innovative Web3 Solutions

Agaya Realty

A real estate investment, development and management company

Agaya Media

A media company with a fully AI-Generated Web3 News Platform

Agaya Research

A crypto portfolio management company with superior investment solutions

Agaya Foundation

A non-profit organization focused on advancing Web3 Education


Ask our AI

Stay up to date on the latest developments in the world of decentralized technologies with Agaya DAO's AI. Get updates and news about the DAO's development, announcements, and other important news.



Find answers to all your questions about Agaya DAO and the world of Web3 in our comprehensive FAQ section. Learn more about our vision, mission, and how to get involved in building a decentralized future.

How many companies fall under the umbrella of AGAYA DAO?

AGAYA DAO is an organization consisting of four companies: AGAYA LABS, AGAYA REALTY, AGAYA MEDIA, and AGAYA RESEARCH. The DAO is also planning to establish a foundation called AGAYA FOUNDATION.

Are there any plans for AGAYA DAO to launch its own NFTs in the future?

AGAYA DAO has plans to launch its own NFTs in the future, and community members can stay updated on these developments by following the organization's official social media channels and Discord community.

What is the process to become a part of AGAYA DAO's community?

To become part of AGAYA DAO's community, interested individuals can join the organization's Discord server.

What is the primary vision behind the establishment of AGAYA DAO?

AGAYA DAO's goal is to build a diverse ecosystem focused on technology, real estate, media, and research. The organisation is dedicated to exploring innovative solutions in web3 technology, developing sustainable and efficient real estates, creating compelling AI media content, and advancing our collective knowledge through crypto research. This multifaceted approach aims to drive progress and positive change in various areas of society.

Are there any job opportunities available at AGAYA DAO currently?

Job opportunities are currently available at AGAYA DAO, and details will be shared through the organization's official social media channels.

Is there any plan to publish a whitepaper by AGAYA DAO?

AGAYA DAO plans to publish a whitepaper in the near future, and those interested in learning more about the organization can stay up to date on news and developments by joining the Discord community.

Agaya Foundation

In Agaya's Foundation,
We strive to empower our next generation,
With tech that's future-bound,
And teachings that elevate in every direction.
We offer a haven for children to learn,
And a space for them to truly grow and discern,
Through yoga, music, dance and literature,
We provide the tools for their dreams to come to fruition, for sure.
Our schools equip kids with everything they need,
To thrive in the world, and take the lead,
With web3 and AI at their fingertips,
Their futures are bright, it's not just a trip.
Agaya Foundation is a place to flourish,
A space to learn and be nourished,
We'll shape the future of our youth,
And make the world a better place for us all, forsooth.

About us

Agaya DAO: Innovation with collaboration

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Technology is evolving faster than we can comprehend, and the way we conduct business is transforming. As the world becomes more interconnected, the need for sustainable and innovative solutions has become more apparent than ever.This is where Agaya DAO comes in. Founded by a team of experienced professionals in real estate, finance, and technology, Agaya DAO is a Web3 ecosystem that aims to create a more equitable and sustainable world.Agaya DAO is not just a company, it's a movement. Through its various companies, including Agaya Labs, Agaya Media, Agaya Research, Agaya Realty, and Agaya Foundation, the DAO is creating a new way of doing business.Agaya Labs is leading the charge in developing the latest blockchain technologies. They are working on innovative solutions for Web3 and Metaverse.Agaya Media is disrupting the traditional advertising industry by leveraging the power of AI. They are creating a more transparent and efficient Media ecosystem where advertisers can be confident that their ads are being seen by real people.Agaya Research is focused on managing crypto portfolios, providing investors with the tools they need to make informed decisions in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies.Agaya Realty is working towards building sustainable and environmentally-friendly communities. They are partnering with local governments and communities to create smart cities that utilize the latest technologies to create a better future.Agaya Foundation is focused on education initiatives for children, teaching them the latest technologies and helping them build a better environment around themselves. They are partnering with schools and organizations to create a more holistic approach to education, where children can learn about technology, yoga, music, and other activities.Together, these companies are working towards a common goal: creating a more equitable and sustainable world. Agaya DAO is not just a business, it's a way of life. It's about creating a better future for ourselves and for generations to come.Join us in building a better future, one innovation at a time. At Agaya DAO, we're not just imagining a more sustainable and equitable world – we're making it a reality.

Agaya DAO

In the world of crypto and digital dreams,
Where possibilities abound and nothing's as it seems,
There's a community getting started anew,
Agaya DAO is its name, and it's here for you.
With a focus to create a decentralized future,
Agaya DAO is a community like no other,
Where individuals come together to build and grow,
And make their dreams a reality, don't you know.
Agaya Labs with its innovative tech,
Agaya Realty building solarpunk projects deck by deck,
Agaya Media with its AI-generated news,
And Agaya Research helping investors choose.
These sub DAOs each have a role to play,
In bringing Agaya's vision to life every day,
With cutting-edge solutions and a client-focused view,
Agaya DAO is here to see you through.
So if you're looking for a new path to tread,
And you want to be a part of what lies ahead,
Join Agaya DAO and let your dreams take flight,
With a team that's dedicated to doing what's right.

Agaya Research

Agaya Research, where crypto portfolios come to life,
A new way to manage investments, without any strife,
Using blockchain and data, to make investment decisions,
This is the future of finance, with new provisions.
From Bitcoin to Ethereum, and all that's in between,
Agaya Research is the place, where investment is keen,
Using algorithms and machine learning, to find the best trade,
This is the future of investing, where gains are made.
With a team of experts, in crypto and finance alike,
Agaya Research is the solution, for those who want to strike,
A balance between risk and reward, in this new asset class,
This is the investment platform, that's built to last.
So if you're looking to invest in the crypto space,
Agaya Research is the answer, in this new race,
Join us in this new era, of decentralized finance,
And together we can make gains, with every single chance.

Agaya Media

Agaya Media, where AI and blockchain combine,
A new era of journalism, where the news is truly divine,
Using technology to bring us the news that we need,
In a world of information, where we can finally be freed.
Gone are the days of fake news and corporate control,
Agaya Media is the antidote to this, our new role,
Reporting on stories that matter, and breaking them fast,
Using AI and blockchain, to make sure the truth lasts.
From politics to culture, and everything in between,
Agaya Media is the new source of news, unseen,
With decentralized ownership and editorial control,
This is the news you've been waiting for, finally whole.
So if you're looking for the news that truly matters,
Agaya Media is the source to choose, without any chatter,
Join us in the future of journalism, where truth is key,
And together we can make a difference, for all to see.

Agaya Labs

Agaya Labs, where innovation meets tech,
A space where creativity can truly flex,
Web3 projects that push the boundaries of what's known,
And a team of thinkers with ideas to be sown.
From NFTs to DeFi and more,
Agaya Labs is leading the score,
With projects that bring blockchain to life,
And give the people something new to strive.
In this digital age of endless possibility,
Agaya Labs is the place to be,
Where the future is shaped with every line of code,
And the possibilities are ready to explode.
So if you're ready to join the revolution,
And be a part of Agaya's solution,
Come to Agaya Labs and see for yourself,
The cutting-edge projects that you'll help.

Agaya Realty

Agaya Realty, where community meets home,
Where every resident is valued and never alone.
We build not just houses, but spaces to thrive,
Where families grow and memories come alive.
Our real estate investments are focused on sustainability,
With eco-friendly materials and practices for durability.
We're developing communities that are designed to last,
Where residents can enjoy a high quality of life that's unsurpassed.
From concept to design, to every detail in between,
Our team is dedicated to building a home, not just a scene.
We listen to our residents and respond to their needs,
To create a space that's truly unique and exceeds.
Agaya Realty, where your dream home awaits,
Where community and sustainability always collaborates.
Join us in building a better way to live,
A community where every member has something to give.